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Why Replace when

You can Restore?

Replacing your existing bathtub can be a major hassle not to mention the cost which can be more than expected. There is also the inconvenience of living without a bathroom for weeks. Refitting your tub is just hiding the problem and not giving you the solution. Reglazing Masters can restore your bathtub to its original state for a faction of the cost. No replacement, no hassle, and all in just a few hours!

Internet Price $299

Regular Price $350

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Reglazing isn't just for tubs and sinks. We can reglaze other surfaces including ceramic tiles, which is an easy way to renovate your bathroom without the mess and inconvenience of retiling. Reglazing Masters can match any color you have now, or we can create just about any custom color you choose.


The process takes about two hours. Sinks Reglazings includes: ■ Bathroom Sinks, ■ Kitchen Sinks, ■ Laundry Sinks, and much, much more. For more details see above services link on the right.


STONEFLECKS™ Multicolor Coating and Paint System is an acrylic polymer-based coating that produces the stone- or granite-like finish so popular in today's kitchens and bathrooms.

With STONEFLECKS™ you can quickly and inexpensively upgrade a wide range of surfaces in just a matter of hours! This includes: ■ Countertops, ■ Cabinets, ■ Bathtubs, ■ Ceramic Wall Tile, ■ Clawfoot Tub Exteriors, ■ Walls, Hallways, Foyers, ■ Furniture, and much, much More!

Care & Maintenance Tips

•DO NOT use the surface for 24 hours.

•CAULK around tub before using.

•DO NOT lay soap or bottles or any objects on the finish at any time.

•DO NOT pick surface dust off with finger or sharp objects. Surface dust will dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage.

• DO NOT use loose bath mats with suction cups underneath

• DO NOT use abrasive cleansers: No S.O.S pads, Comet or Soft Scrub

WATCH for leaks. Dripping water may cause the finish to crack and wear out prematurely. Be sure to repair all leaky faucets to protect against erosion.

• MAINTAIN a clean tub by wiping it down with a towel after each use (you DON'T have to wipe it dry)

• CLEAN the tub once a week and wipe it dry..

RECOMMENDED cleansers include: Lysol Basin & Tile Cleaner, Mr. Clean (liquid), Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastic, Zep Tub & Shower Cleaner

PROTECT your sink or tub from sharp objects that could damage or chip the finish. Contact us immediately for repairs if this should occur.

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